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Title: A Pleasure To Meet You
Title: A Pleasure To Meet You
Author: singulartoast
Fandom: Prince of Persia
Work Type: fic
Characters: Dastan/Tamina
Rating: G
Spoilers: For the movie :)
Written For: misura
Summary: What was she playing at? Was this real?
Note: I'm so sorry! I thought I'd posted this weeks ago!

With a nod to Tus, Dastan followed Tamina out to her private courtyard. The doors closed behind him, and despite the few servants working nearby, they were alone.

"So, I am to marry Prince Dastan, the Lion of Persia.” Tamina stopped and turned to face him, the dagger turning over and over in her hands as she smiled tentatively at him. “Must feel wonderful winning such a claim for protecting such an innocent city."

The memory of those words – similar but not the same, with a hateful bite to them – caused a smile to tug at his lips. He paused to consider his reply. "A pleasure to meet you, Princess," he said slowly. "And let me say that if stopping Persia's own armies from an unfounded attack is a feat worthy of such a moniker, then it is one I will gladly repeat.”

Her eyes lit at his words, her smile blossoming into a face full of happiness. Whatever she was up to, it seemed he was playing right into her plan. "Then you are a true Prince of Persia; loyal and wholly honourable."

His head spinning and his heart hammering, Dastan wondered if after all that had happened, all they had suffered, he could dare to hope …? "Do you think you know me, Princess?"

Her eyes softened and she stepped closer until she could look up into his gaze. “What else is there?”

Unlike before, unlike a time swept away by sand, her voice held none of the derision it had then. She was truly asking, seeking to know more.

“What are you doing?” He asked instead. What was she playing at? Was this real? Could this possibly have happened, could she possibly be his Tamina?

Her eyes sparkled with mirth and her hands reached to clasp his tightly. She looked up at him, searching his face, her gaze earnest, imploring him to understand, to realise.



He broke off what he had been about to say with a chuckle. "You remember." He was confident, sure. How, he didn’t know, but it had happened.

Her smile broadened and her eyes glowed warm. “The Gods heard my wish,” she said softly.

“What wish?”

She squeezed his hand and smiled sadly. “That we could be together.”

I wish we could have been together. His heart clenched, and even as his mind replayed his last moments with her, her bone-chilling scream, he sent out a silent word of thanks to the Gods.

“I’m sorry I let you go,” he muttered, drawing her forward into his arms.

“No, Dastan.” Shaking her head against his chest, Tamina wrapped her arms around his torso. “It was your destiny. There was nothing you could have done.”

With a finger under her chin, he tilted her head up to face him. “I’ll never let you go again.”

Unmindful of the servants present, Dastan leaned in and kissed her thoroughly. Giggles and hushed words erupted, and a quick glance confirmed the servant women present were enjoying the scene.


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Feb. 24th, 2014 04:38 pm (UTC)
Hee! Lovely sweet with just the right combination of sugar and spice and destiny and all-conquering love.

Thank you so much for this lovely bit of wish-fulfillment!
Feb. 25th, 2014 12:54 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad you like it :)

And sorry again, I really thought I'd already posted this *facepalm*
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